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Re: Labeling and naming

  • From: Kurt Erik Lindqvist
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 06:10:05 2001

> > For a project I am currently working on I stumbled upon the following.
> > What is the best way to lable and name equipment? 
> Choose a naming convention, publish it internally,  and stick with it. 

Well...that is the project :)

> Some folks like to put airport abbreviations in their labels to attempt to
> indicate the geographic location of systems. I don't as there are cities
> with multiple airports, national and international airport labels can
> conflict, and I frequently find that facilities are actually in different
> cities than the nearest airport. 

Agree. Besides, if you things like repeter stations there is not even a
city. Just a location. Still, I am woundering what is the best path. To
write a rule-set or grammar for generating codes, or just creating a list.

> I've got a naming convention somewhere I wrote a while ago if you're
> interested in a starting point...


- kurtis -