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Re: Monitoring highly redundant operations

  • From: Howard C. Berkowitz
  • Date: Thu Jan 25 23:21:01 2001

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Simon Lockhart wrote:

  Indeed. We currently monitor each part of our operation from a monitoring
  station on our network. Under certain conditions, this can give us both
  false positives and false negatives:

Umm... Keynote?

I find it truly amazing that people don't already diversely
monitor.  Hell, have cronned pings running off your friend's cable modem
if that's all you can afford, but for christ's sake, a single box colo'd
in someone else's cage, or a shell at or really
isn't that expensive.

Fighting the war against bad networks,

Matthew Devney
Teamsphere Interactive

Might be interesting to define a set of basic monitoring functions
that independent ISPs can run on each other and share results. Early
warnings could go to a special email.

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