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Re: [NANOG] Re: sorry to ruin several of your evenings...

  • From: Pim van Riezen
  • Date: Tue Jan 30 16:40:56 2001

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 [email protected] wrote:

>  lets see... (from previous discussions on the usefullness of tweeking
>  the version)
> 	wearing my blackhat, i have to decide which system is worthty
> 	of my talents... which one should I pick?
> 	version "bad-ass-bind";
> 	-or-
> 	version "9.1.0"
>  of course I could be running 4.8.1 and simply recompile so it _reports_
>  a bogus version but the profile of a 9.1.0 code base is -very- distinct
>  from a 4.8.1 code base... esp on replies to queries.
>  Pick your targets carefully.

However if I run a safe version of bind _and_ pay attention to my logfiles
I may actually catch a couple of nosy crackerjacks in the attempt and keep
an eye out before they find something which _is_ vulnerable.

Whether it's operationally sane to use such honeypot functionality on a
production server remains to be seen.


Live phase 1    <-->    RJ45 pin 3      GND     <-->    RJ45 pin 8
Live phase 2    <-->    RJ45 pin 6
Live phase 3    <-->    RJ45 pin 2      Is this suitable?
Neutral         <-->    RJ45 pin 1      Or should we kill phones too?