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Re: Stream2

  • From: Clayton Fiske
  • Date: Wed Jan 31 00:13:17 2001

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 11:06:52PM -0500, Jason Legate wrote:
> Perhaps if people read the source, and compared it with the original, they
> would notice that there are not many operational differences, aside from
> the fact that this goes through the extra step of setting MSS, and
> calculating the correct checksum.  The fact that the _all_ the packet kids
> can use this, doesn't unleash a deadly new tool, merely a slightly
> modified one.  There are no optimizations in this upon the original, nor
> are there any real benefits.  It was merely written to produce a syn
> generator that created packets with correct checksums and MSS.

Well, given that you've eliminated 2 useful attributes by which such
an attack could be identified and/or filtered, I'd say there is an
immediate benefit for the kiddies to make use of your version.

And as far as releasing the code, you could at least have broken it in
a couple of simple ways so that someone would have to have half a brain
to make it work.