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Vixie doing his part to make people upgrade (was:Re: Reasons whyBIND isn't being upgraded)

  • From: mdevney
  • Date: Sat Feb 03 03:40:20 2001

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Patrick Greenwell wrote:

> P.S. AboveNet is taking the latest BIND vunerability(ies) seriously enough
> that they are beginning wholescale scans of their address space. Draw your
> own conclusions related to masking version numbers.
The bulk of that announcement from is from 2 lines:
> We will be checking every IP in our space on port 53 in order to find
> versions of BIND open to a root exploit. 

I'm not sure my agreement with allows them to scan my network,
though it is admittedly their IP space.  I'll go check the paperwork on
Monday.  (Honestly I expect to find it does, though I must have been
smoking something when I signed it. is usually on stable legal

That aside, I am concerned that the announcement makes no mention of who
they would disclose this information to.  Presumably the registered
contacts for the offending customer, but has not said they'll
tell anyone.  

Needless to say, I am not happy with this.  I can't imagine anyone would
be happy with their provider scanning their network.

(Also leaving aside the fact that this scan will be pretty much
useless, given cases where named is run as a different user, chroot'd,
instructed to lie about its version number, etc.)

Matthew Devney