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Re: Reasons why BIND isn't being upgraded

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Sun Feb 04 09:16:15 2001

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001, Jeffrey Meltzer wrote:
> > > And, since they're commercial organizations using BIND in a commercial
> > > aspect, I think they can cough up the money.
> That's precisely the point.  Even if they wanted to, ISC is saying they
> can't.  They're choosing who they think are important, or "critical".
> I'm curious as to why ISC considers Sun, HP, etc more important to get the
> information to Worldcom, Cable & Wireless, etc.
> Is it because Sun, etc pay ISC licensing fees to distribute the software?

How many of you use BIND in a commercial environment?
How many of you actually contribute money back to the authors of BIND?

Its all fine and good saying "When there's a security problem in BIND,
I want to know and I want to know now!" but guys, if you want this wonderful
level of support, either cough up some money to your software providers,
or write it yourself. I might not agree with how Paul is going about it,
but I understand his problems.



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