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Re: Software to Track IP Address Assignment

  • From: Alan Hannan
  • Date: Tue Feb 06 07:36:39 2001

 Hi Devon,

 Granite Systems ( offers an inventory database
 which is used by many telcos including Verizon, GlobalCrossing, and
 many others.

 Granite Systems has a module for their system which tracks IPAM, or IP
 Address Management.  The system allows one to assign hierarchical CIDR 
 networks and track these in a database, and offer clever reports, etc, 

 A fairly all encompassing OSS system which tracks elements such as
 devices, circuits, paths, users, groups, serial numbers, ip addresses,
 etc... (no active alarms or trending or such things, more of a central
 database of record)

 This definitely fulfills #1,2,4 of your requirements.  I think it fulfills
 #3 but not positive.  It definitely is not open-source.  Large ISPs will
 find a rapid ROI, but few smaller ISPs will call the system cheap.

 'tree' is a nifty program written by an intelligent person at BT, google
 says this:

 In past lives we used a body and remedy to accomplish this and it was
 moderately succesful.  Automation could definitely help, no question,
 but a clever mind and some room can also accomplish it (though one would,
 given the choice, like to reallocate that clever mind....)

 Best of luck,



Thus spake Devon True ([email protected])
 on or about Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:22:53PM -0500:
> All,
> I was searching the web for software that tracked IP address assignments.
> While I did find a few software solutions, I figured I would ask you
> guys/gals and see what is being used in the Real World (tm).
> My ideal software package would have the following features:
> Central Server where data resides
> Level of permissions (read-only, read-write-local, read-write-global)
> Email alerts (if a NOC technician assigns a customer a new /27, email
> Engineering)
> Able to export/import data
> Open-source or cheap :)
> Any tips/leads/suggestions would be appreciated.
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