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Re: Network for Sale

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Feb 20 03:06:51 2001

To EVERYONE who has contacted me offlist regarding my being so hard on

If this company were truely revelational, my WIFE would have told me about
it and I would not have ready about them for the first time on NANOG.  
They are letting their marketing monkeys run wild, duping unknowing
customers into thinking they're getting something better than ANY other
provider can give them.  By design, their network depends on BGP4 because
they depend on TRANSIT from other providers.

If they had peering relationships with "God and everybody", "Everywhere",
perhaps their new, fangled technology would have some benefit.  As it
stands, from what I can grep from their "marketing
s^&#%&t", they have NOTHING to offer that
SAVVIS/INTERNAP/(every other like-type provider) have to offer besides
perhaps the fact that their network will be faster until they inevitably
grow beyone capacity at which time, their marketing types will announce
their new "OC-10,1000" network buildout with an estimated turnup date of

Beyond that, I'm _REALLY_ sick of people pissing and moaning about NAPS
being congestion points.  If you're so tired of the exchange point being
slow, INVEST IN MAKING IT FASTER!!!!!  It's _NOT_ that hard.  It's to
_YOUR_ benefit. Moral of the mini-tangent: It's not the NAP, it's the
OPERATOR.  If they're too greedy to invest in infrastructure, you should
investigate alternatives,  At the same time, those of you with pipes
trying to run at 150% to the exchange points should be ashamed!  Someone
shoot me when money becomes more important to me than the performance of
my network.

So, basically, what we're looking at is "Same s%^t, different company

Jay: _PLEASE_ show different.  I'll gladly be shown to be wrong.  I'm not
holding my breath though.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc