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Re: AS Leakage

  • From: Joe Provo
  • Date: Wed Apr 04 09:37:29 2001

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 07:50:47AM -0400, Travis Pugh wrote:
> I take transit from Qwest (209), and had to contact them directly and open
> a ticket several weeks ago to get them to stop leaking private ASNs into
> my tables.  They stopped leaking them to me, but apparently going the
> extra step and making sure the leak was filtered everywhere was too much
> to ask.

BTW, private AS leaks are reported as part of the IPMA "routing problems" 
reports ( Yes, it is based off 
route-server data; no, peering with route-servers at a given location 
does NOT mean you have to use them for exchanging routing updates. It is
in the best interest of the community for anyone at exchange points
where there is a route-server to participate. IMO not doing so indicates 
the desire to hide data, or some measure of irresponsibility; encourage
your providers and peers to supply externally-validated stability data.

Speaking of which, I have not seen any data, public or private, that WCOM
is establishing a route-server presence at MAE-E ATM. It seems customers
are going to lose a service in the MAE-E FDDI close, and all of us will
lose a data-gathering point.

Joe, reminding people to read the X-header 

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