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RE: California power ... unplugged.

  • From: mike harrison
  • Date: Sun Apr 29 13:10:23 2001

> Sorry, but nukes are clean and safe. Sure people have died from nukes,
> but millions have died from producing coal for plants. Why do we build

Hear in the land of the Tennessee Valley Authority, home to Oak Ridge
and power producing nuke plants, electricity is plentiful, but a large
percentage of it is Hydro and Coal. Nuke plants are expensive to build
and operate, mostly due to red tape and 'job program' hiring practices.

Either way... there is both electricity and connectivity here, lots
of fiber on the railroad tracks. To bad Tennessee taxes and tax
practices on telecommunications and internet services make me wish I was

My point...  Nuke plants are expensive. Check out Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.
It sets records for costs of construction and operation. 

We need more power/heat efficient equipment, efficient cooling systems
and better designed buildings. Luckily, the equipment is getting smaller, 
and used less energy for more functionality and power.