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Re: C&W Peering

  • From: Richard Welty
  • Date: Mon Jun 04 21:05:57 2001

At 08:51 PM 6/4/2001 -0400, Leo Bicknell wrote:
I know almost nothing about bankruptcy, so I would love for someone
who does to comment.  Put simply, if a company can't pay its
creditors and suppliers do they have any chance of entering into
a new purchase agreement?  I know that I personally wouldn't offer
them Net-30 payment terms right now.
actually, this is an interesting point. normally in bankruptcy,
vendors for the bankrupt outfit are not permitted to terminate

now a true peering agreement isn't a vendor/customer relationship,
but it is interesting to consider how a bankruptcy court might
see it. C&W has done some level of damage (how much is uncertain)
to a company in bankruptcy, and there was probably some written
agreement with the force of a contract between the two.

i bet this ends up in court more or less immediately.


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