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POS OC48 interfaces using different wave length

  • From: Vincent Gillet
  • Date: Thu Jun 07 12:45:18 2001

Hello all,

I am thinking about using different POS interfaces on dark-fibers.

On one side, i already have POS-OC48-LR card (Cisco).
This card use 1550 nm wave length.

We would like to use a POS-OC48-SR (Cisco).
This card use 1310 nm wave length.

Are 1310 and 1550 optics comptatible ?
If yes, i guess that there is impact on the power Budget available. How-Much ?!

Some colleagues reported successful implementation with such config (Cisco
POS OC48 Cards)
It looks strange to me and i wonder if Juniper and Cisco POS OC48 would
also work corretly in such environnement ...

I guess that "official" answer from manufacturer would be : NO WAY :-)
Some carriers may already tested such config ? Any feedback ?