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Re: BGP instability (was Re: Exodus Down)

  • From: mike harrison
  • Date: Sun Jun 24 11:45:05 2001

> > seen, when there is a lack of good information, people will make up
> > stories to fit.
> I could not agree more.
> From a PR/damage control standpoint, I guess I can understand the
> reasoning behind tagging all Exodus outage notifications with the
> words "CONFIDENTIAL" and "NDA" in big bold letters.  And it's quite

This attitude hurts us all, spreading FUD all over the place. 
Everyone has a bad minute/hour/day/... its what you do
and how you act when it happens that makes a real difference.
Sure, Exodus is worried about their reputation as THE anal
retentive always up over-redundant data center. Feces occurs.
If you tell people "it's broke an the A-Team is working on it"
they say "these guys have their stuff together". If you hide
behind NDA's and fear of letting people know you are having
a catastrophic failure then they decide you are clueless
and wonder how bad it really is.

Oh well.. I hope Freshmeat/Slashdot/Andover have a better day today.
When one of our major customers is having this bad of a day, we
at least try to point to traffic to a junk server with a 'It's broke
and we are working on it' page and we're just a bunch of geek
wannabe's in Chattanooga. --Mike--