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Re: List of AS names by ASN?

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Mon Jul 23 11:32:57 2001

>Hi, all.
>I'm trying to find a list/table of AS names by ASN, preferably
>tab-delimited, that I can use in spreadsheets and scripts. (Like, e.g., the

>Cidr Report)
>Can anyone give me an idea where I might find this sort of thing?

has all of the Arin, and some of the others. I would be 
glad for similar lists from RIPE and APNIC.

Note that this list includes some ASN blocks, and needs
to be "expanded" before use in a spread sheet. I have
a awk routine to do this...

Marshall Eubanks
>Jeb Linton

Marshall Eubanks

[email protected]