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Re: Clarification: List of AS names by ASN?

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Mon Jul 23 14:27:32 2001

    > > I realized I wasn't asking for the right thing - I said AS names, when what
    > > I'm actually looking for is the name of the company, in regular English
    > > (mostly).  (again as in e.g. Tony Bates' Cidr Report)
    > I don't know if such a beast exists, but you could certainly write a perl
    > script to do the lookups if you have the ASN's.

Uh, I did that, and it was a useful starting-point, but I still had to
edit every single one by hand.  I think I go through about the first
2,000.  I'll try to get it posted somewhere publicly.  I did it for a
table in an internal diagnostic tool.