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RE: Fwd: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt

  • From: Mike Batchelor
  • Date: Fri Oct 26 13:25:08 2001

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> And unlike a direct relationship where it's safe to simply enumerate the
> things which mustn't be done and then assert that, subject to revision of
> that list, everything else is OK; in the indirect, transitive case where
> the recipient is distant and their policy isn't known, it's only safe to
> err on the side of extreme politeness: send what you know to be welcome,
> and hold onto the rest.

What if everyone followed your principle?  Digital Island and Akamai, Caida,
the Internet Weather report, and lots of other stuff (including spam) simply
could not exist.  It is not practical to ask everyone permission before
proceeding.  The only practical position to take is to proceed until someone
complains, and stop probing them when they do.  Your position places an
unfair burden on the sender.

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