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Re: it's here

  • From: Eric Brandwine
  • Date: Wed Feb 13 11:08:12 2002

>>>>> "rds" == Ron da Silva <[email protected]> writes:

>> >>
sd> ASN.1 is pretty cool, but I've been wondering are there that
sd> many ISPs which allow external SNMP access to their equipment?
sd> SNMP is a UDP management protocol, and even under the best of
sd> conditions, accepting packets from out of the blue isn't a good
sd> idea.

>> Spoofed packets?

>> It's not feasible to filter antispoof at OC-12 or OC-48 line rate on
>> all customer facing interfaces.

rds> But it should be not only feasible, but standard practice.

It's impossible using most high bandwidth gear that's out there.  At
these speeds, you can either route the bits, or look at them, but not
both.  Juniper is the one vendor that's given us packet inspection
abilities that scale with bandwidth.  We have non-Juniper routers.

Please, tell your vendors you want line-rate filtering up to layer 4.
We're tired of being told "But you're the only ones that ask for

Without control plane seperation (and it's not possible with Cisco,
Juniper, or most other routers out there), management services are
listening on the public network, and that makes this very scary,
regardless of filtering policies, etc.

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