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Re: Load balancing in routers

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Mon Apr 08 12:05:55 2002

On 8 Apr 2002, Paul Vixie wrote:

> > I seem to remember fast switching was per-destination, and CEF was
> > round robin. But it seems CEF is now per-destination as well in IOS 12.2.
> > Round robin is optional.

> CEF is flow-hashed, and the hash seems to include both source and
> destination, and seems to include the port numbers.  This is by observing
> the behaviour of flows hitting various members of the F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
> set, each of whom sends F's address to several upstream routers using OSPF.
> CEF works like a charm -- the load is never split by more than 45-55 and
> that's damn good for wire speed hashing in my view.

> We used CEF in 11.x and it behaved the same way.  It was never round-robin
> in any way we could observe.

You're right. I was thinking of process switching.

According to:

packet reordering at MAE East was extremely common a few years ago. Does
anyone have information whether this is still happening?