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Re: NANOG on Trial

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Mon Apr 08 15:28:12 2002

> Recently my personal system has been attacked by someone from the IRC
> channel #nanog on EFNet. This along with multiple instances of
> showing/providing pornography to minors as well as defamation of
> character/slander as well as numerous other civil and criminal items
> have really plagued my past 3 months. I think it's time to look into
> fighting back.
> Other than to warn others of the pending danger of dealing with the
> immature people found within that channel, I would love to know what all
> legal recourse I have in this matter. I have a lawyer but I am not quite
> ready to sue.

Why Nick Catalano was banned from #nanog:

<NickCatal> dgold: Dsl works via ATM, thats layer3

<NickCatal> it's layer4 in the way that it uses POS instead of ATM standard..

<NickCatal> FDDI can only support up to, maby, T1 speed..

<NickCatal> t1 = 1464kbps..

<NickCatal> I always thought FDDI was frame relay..

<NickCatal> OC-192 over POIP is as dumb as you get it..

<NickCatal> if this business works out.. the first thing I am doing is 
having my engineers give me some way of making a layer 4 nap.. even if 
it's pure bullshit.. and then I am presening it @ Nanog

<gavroche> DS3 IS NOT FIBER || <NickCatal> gavroche: of course it is..

<NickCatal> UUNet has the world's worst designed network

<NickCatal> I go on the UUNet backbone, and I'm like.. where's the core!?

<NickCatal> I think we can make money offering gig-e at the cost of a T1

<NickCatal> naa.. my job in the new company is to make ideas and provide a 
public face to the company.. a 14 year old selling enterprise hosting 
looks good on Leno

<NickCatal> Cogent and InterNAP can be mixed and merged.. Cogent didn't 
fail. Cogent has almost no expenses. it costs next to nothing to be 
Cogent.. <NickCatal> they own their network.. they own their equipment.. 
they don't pay for it.. there are no leased lines.. <NickCatal> they most 
likely don't pay for transit..

<NickCatal> I am about to call my lawyer about this and file lawsuits 
against 95% of the #nanog room to find out who has taken advantage of my 

<NickCatal> ...also with logs of everything said in #nanog I have over 50 
cases of showing pornography to a minor..

'nuf said...

Richard A Steenbergen <[email protected]>
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