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Re: genuity - any good?

  • From: Roy
  • Date: Fri Apr 12 19:52:52 2002

Registering is not "bad", its just not beneficial.  Given that the routes I want
to announce are within my assigned range, why is it a good thing to register
them?  If the transit provider always add entries when I ask for them, it seems
to be very little benefit..

This is the case of transit so I am a customer paying money for a service.  I
started this subthread because I felt others would want to know about this.  I
made the mistake of buying transit service without asking about their BGP
policies.  I was hoping to help by sharing my experience.

Stephen Griffin wrote:

> In the referenced message, Roy said:
> >
> > Two bad experiences for me:
> >
> > 1) Their BGP polices are not as good as others.  They force you to register
> > each route you want to advertise rather than allowing you to advertise any
> > reasonable route for your prefixes.  According to one of their top people,
> > prefix-lists were unreliable new technology.  We gave up and canceled the
> > circuit.
> How is registering the routes you are going to announce a bad thing?