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Re: anyone using teleglobe?

  • From: Jesper Skriver
  • Date: Tue Apr 16 16:48:52 2002

On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 11:50:51AM -0700, matthew zeier wrote:
> I have a gigE from teleglobe due in any day.  Is anyone using them for
> connectivity?  Any comments?  What's their routing look like?  What should I
> expect if I'm dumping ~300Mbps at them?

My taking on TeleGlobe is that they are yet an other provider about to
go bankrupt, and thus sell their service very cheap, which works fine
as long as they have capacity, but when that runs out, they probably
doesn't have the funding to upgrade their network.

So my personal advise: Use it as long as the quality is good enough,
when that drops go shop elsewhere, but be prepared to pay more ...

> I'm trying to pre-determine if I'll run into any problems from my more
> "sensitive" customers.
> Thanks.
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> get used to them." - John von Newmann


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