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Re: Selective DNS replies

  • From: David Ulevitch
  • Date: Wed Apr 24 16:04:56 2002

Hello Avleen,

Wednesday, April 24, 2002, 2:55:15 PM, you wrote:

AV> This subject has probably been talked to death, so I apologise in advance
AV> for bringing it up!

AV> Is there any DNS server currently availible that can reply to DNS lookups
AV> based on the source IP address?

AV> Yes, this would be for directing users to a 'local' server hosting
AV> (or something similar).
AV> Yes, this is not the best way of doing it I know :-)

AV> I was wondering if there was something available that DID this yet.

Split horizon DNS is the term you are looking for.

It's trivial to do with TinyDNS.  I know BIND supports it but I've
never set it up with BIND.  I'd say any mature DNS server supports it.

 David                            mailto:[email protected]