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Re: UUNET instability?

  • From: matthew zeier
  • Date: Thu Apr 25 11:18:43 2002

> Anyone else seeing routing instability through UUNET or have any more
> details?  I saw a significant drop in my inbound and outbound traffic to
> them around 10:00AM EDT.  UUNET has a prompt on their phone menus about
> network instability, but didn't elaborate.  Their NOC doesn't have any
> more details as of yet that they're passing along.

I got similiar when I called in.  I also saw my circuit to them drop at
7:07:42 PDT and a series of up/downs until 7:13 PDT (along with a few BGP
resets).  NOC claims that that's due to backbone routing issues, which I had
a hard time believing (at least the up/downs).  I escalated it and got a
more knowledgable NOCite who re-iterated the instability issues and said
he'd get back to me with more info.

- mz