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Re: North American: Train Derailment - West of Winnipeg

  • From: ben hubbard
  • Date: Fri Apr 26 16:14:15 2002

> Are train derailments common events that don't get much press coverage (or
> maybe that don't get much coverage unless it's a passenger train), or was
> this an especially bad week?

Certainly fiber along rail right of ways was easy to install - and as a result,
there's a lot of it, but trains tend to do a lot of damage when they go off track. I
would imagine there's less likelihood of such damage occurring along roadways or
other right-of-ways with the same amount of disruption is less?

And, in this age where less fiber is going in the ground, does that mean that train
derailments may become the new enemy #1, displacing the now idle backhoe's? ;)