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Re: "portscans" (was Re: Arbor Networks DoS defense product)

  • From: Henry Yen
  • Date: Sat May 18 17:13:00 2002

On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 01:48:27AM -0700, Scott Francis wrote:

[ snip ]

> On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 04:10:53AM +0000, [email protected] said:

[ more snip ]

> > By all means if you are under attack, filter and protect yourself.
> > 
> > However a "portscan" is not an attack.
> Precursor to an attack, certainly. As you mentioned earlier, forewarned is
> forearmed. If I find myself being scanned, as a responsible network operator
> I will contact the operator of the block in question, and if things are not
> cleared up to my satisfaction, I will take proactive measures to protect
> myself from the attacks that are sure to come by whatever means seem
> appropriate and necessary to me.

somewhat OT, but this was an interesting article from the NYTimes:
   Linkname: Museum's Cyberpeeping Artwork Has Its Plug Pulled

   "An Internet-based artwork in an exhibition at the New Museum of
   Contemporary Art was taken offline on Friday because the work was
   conducting surveillance of outside computers."

   "The work in question is "Minds of Concern: Breaking News," created by
   Knowbotic Research, a group of digital artists in Switzerland. The
   piece is part of "Open Source Art Hack," an exhibition at the New
   Museum that runs through June 30. The work can be viewed as an
   installation in the museum's SoHo galleries or online at"

   "The dispute calls attention to one of the very points the piece is
   intended to make. Because the lines between public and private control
   of the Internet are not yet clearly defined, what artists want to do
   may be perfectly legal, but that does not mean they will be allowed do

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