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Re: list problems?

  • From: Leo Bicknell
  • Date: Wed May 22 14:35:06 2002

A degree may be completely unnecessary to be a "Network Engineer",
or other similar position.  The problem is that those positions
are "Entry Level" in the networking industry.  You probably don't
need a degree to work in a NOC.  Heck, and many places NOC staff
have more in common with McDonald's fry cooks than with network
engineers.  The real question is, do you want to progress in your

If you ever want to become a team leader, or a manger, or run a
theoretical group you are going to need the math and English
backgrounds that college provides.  You may also need a deeper
knowledge of hardware and software to understand a vendors limits,
and work with them on appropriate solutions.  You will need to be
able to work on large projects, involving many people to do complex
tasks, all part of what college can help you learn.

So, do you need a degree to get a job?  Absolutely not.  Can you
make the same money initially without a degree, most likely.
However, I suspect you'll find more often than not without one in
5 years you'll have gotten your 10% raise and still be a grunt,
while your coworkers who had that preparation will have been moved
up to roles with more responsibility, and significantly more money.

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