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RE: Certification or College degrees? Was: RE: list problems?

  • From: Rowland, Alan D
  • Date: Wed May 22 15:05:39 2002

While the effectiveness of degree requirements may be argued, they are
efficient. When your HR department gets hundreds or thousands of
applications, they need some way to find the wheat.

The net sector is young and was mostly immune to traditional business
practices. Not all traditional business practices are bad (see dot.bomb).
Lack of business acumen means the days of six figure income and significant
stock options because there were 10 job openings for every geek who could
RTFM are over. Even though the "job market is coming back" there's still 20
'techies' in Birkenstocks and Star Wars t-shirts for every (decent) job
hiring. Everything else being equal (which is often the case) a cert or
degree is a great tie-breaker.

Welcome to the traditional job market fellow geeks. Remember all the jokes
about Sanitation Engineers? ;)

Put another way, when you take that expensive car of yours in for service
(you do have one if you're successful in this industry, right? ;) ), do you
go to Joe's Garage (apologies to all named Joe) or a dealer/service center
with "certified" mechanics?

Just my 2. The delete key is your friend.

Best regards,
Alan Rowland
(BS in Business and Management, UofM, 1990
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your own risk, may be terminated at any 
time without notice"

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From: Christopher J. Wolff [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: Certification or College degrees? Was: RE: list problems?

I would add to that statement:  Requiring a technology certification is
equally as obsurd.  I've been told I could pass the Emperor-Level CCIE
test; however, I do not believe it will add more value for my customers.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP CIO
Broadband Laboratories

Andrew Dorsett said:
*jumping on my soap box*
I have to say that the idea of requiring a degree for the IT industry is