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RE: Certification or College degrees?

  • From: Blake Fithen
  • Date: Wed May 22 22:39:16 2002

> Stephen Sprunk
> Thus spake "Nigel Clarke" <[email protected]>
> > Certifications are a waste of time. You'd be better off
> > obtaining a Computer Science degree and focusing on the
> > core technologies.
> If you're looking to write software, sure.  A CompSci degree 
> won't help you
> in the slightest at operating networks.

Usually what you say is helpful.  I have to disagree with 
you here though.  A few things I learned in a CIS degree program
which apply to networking:

queueing/stacks/buffers/ring buffers
data structures
undirected/directed graphs - routing
shortest path (Dijkstra's) algorithm = OSPF
spanning tree algorithm
ping :)
scheme - command line compilers
bash/csh/tcsh/X - all useful in network management.

I could go on...

Plus, when you are in the labs, and if you have the slightest
bit of geek curiosity, the mind wanders and you inevitably 
have to find out how everything is connected.  

Luckily the curiosity blossomed from there.