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Re: list problems?

  • From: Shawn Solomon
  • Date: Thu May 23 00:09:19 2002

no way...

The option where you come out into "life" 35k in the hole, no experience,
and four years behind your "collegues" is obviously better.

And its hard to put a value on..

that bitterness you learned from spending the "best years of your life"
with a bunch of rich, drunken dumbasses.

The tolerence you gained from all those times your learning was
decelerated, just to allow for johnny football star to meet status quo.

The anger from seeing Johnny pull his head of his jock just long enough to
see daddy hand him a 150k VP position.

As mastercard sais.. priceless.

And no, I'm not bitter.. 


 Shawn Solomon      Senior State Networks Engineer                       
 Indiana Telecommunications Network & IHETS INDnet  
 317.263.8875    fx: 317.263.8831

On 22 May 2002, Paul Vixie wrote:

> [email protected] (Leo Bicknell) writes:
> > If you ever want to become a team leader, or a manger, or run a
> > theoretical group you are going to need the math and English
> > backgrounds that college provides.  ...
> So what you're saying is, if I hadn't dropped out of high school during
> my 17th trip around Sol, I wouldn't've gotten stuck in this dead end job?
> Probably I wouldn't have that honorary MSCS degree either.  Wouldn't've
> wrote all that code, nor those RFC's, nor started those various companies.
> Wouldn't've found my various mentors nor been a mentor to any of the folks
> who count me as having been one?
> Is that how a college degree would have improved my career by age 39?
> Sounds like a bad deal to me.
> -- 
> Paul Vixie <[email protected]>
> President, PAIX.Net Inc.