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Technical Contact and Network Solutions (now Verisign)

  • From: Spencer.Wood
  • Date: Fri May 24 09:25:40 2002

Good Morning:

I was wondering, does anyone have a technical contact over at Verisign?  We have a couple of domain names that we are trying to change the information on, and we are having technical problems changing the information (ie: which domain servers it should point to).

I've called it into Verisign technical support earlier in the week, and they said "We have to send this over to engineering", and well, that's the last I've heard of it......everytime I call Verisign customer support, I get the same line "It's been sent over to engineering, and we can't find the status".

I was hoping that someone might have a contact over a Verisign Engineering that could help us out...


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