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Re: list problems?

  • From: Scott Granados
  • Date: Fri May 24 14:51:35 2002

And remember, Einstein probably wasn't right:).  I also recall that the 
popular myth that he failed math classes as a child is cincorrect.

Hmm, if we're not careful our list will degrade from operational to my  
relativistic mass is bigger than your pc based relativistic mass:).

On Fri, 
24 May 2002, Robert Beverly wrote:

> On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 11:17:11AM -0500, Richard Irving wrote:
> > Einstein wouldn't have made it anywhere, without his
> > background in Mathematics that he got from a Prominent Ivy League...
> > 
> >  Oh...... Shoot, did it again.
> >
> > Have you ever heard the expression "Flat World Thinking" ?
> > 
> > Einstein was a Hero to many a Kid, -because- he was self taught.
> Einstein graduated from the prestigious Swiss Federal Polytechnic
> college in Zurich.  His work on relativity was done afterward, at
> the Swiss Patent office, while folks at Harvard were still searching
> the Ether.
> A college degree is certainly not a prerequisite for intelligence, but
> can often provide inspiration, even if that takes the form of a 
> dissatisfaction with the prevailing thinking.
> Cheers,
> rob