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  • From: william
  • Date: Wed Jun 19 23:23:32 2002

Overzealous to say the least (i.e. without using language used by people 
at spews which by itself should already say something about how professional 
they are). Its used primarily by very small sstem operators and I don't 
know any isp of any serious size (i.e. over 1000 users or domains) that is 
using them, but things maybe changing as other blacklists used before by 
isps have been shutdown.

They do also the most number of dns servers for one domain (that I know 
of) which is the reason I regularly run whois on them to check engine performance.

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Alex Rubenstein wrote:

> I've had a little run-in with SPEWS, and the crowd on
> I'm curious; do folks take these guys serious?
> I'll admit, we had an issue with a customer who spammed, and it took us a
> little while to zap him. Nevertheless, he was zapped. He had a /27, and
> SPEWs listed the entire /24 surrounding it. When I asked about this, they
> said, in not-so-many-words, that by doing this, punishing innocent
> bystanders, that as long as the ISP noticed and fixed the issue, this was
> essentially OK to do.
> Of course, I disagreed, and was called all sorts of names that I'd not
> used since I was 14.
> So, to the point; what is the consensus on SPEWs? I've never really
> noticed them until this point.
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