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Re: OT: How low can WorldCom stock go?

  • From: Allan Liska
  • Date: Tue Jun 25 20:39:39 2002


Tuesday, June 25, 2002, 8:27:12 PM, you wrote:

RAD> I keep waiting for someone to ask the FTC, SEC, etc., exactly what they've
RAD> been doing with their budgets for the past decade or so. Doesn't seem like
RAD> anyone has been minding the store except members of congress collecting
RAD> money from business interests with little, if any, attention to public
RAD> interest.

RAD> Enron was the number one contributor in the energy sector. Any bets on
RAD> WorldCom in the telecom sector?

In the 2002 Election cycle WorldCom has not cracked the top 20 to date:

They were #16 in the 2000 election cycle:

They also did not crack the top 20 in the 1998 election cycle:

I do find it interesting that Global Crossing was #1 in the 2000
election cycle, and is #2 to date in the 2002 election cycle.  Not
surprising, but interesting.

Hope this helps, and hope that was not just a rhetorical question ;}.

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