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Re: How low can Worldcom stock go?

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Wed Jun 26 18:27:51 2002


OK... I am going to break an NDA and disclose....

( Drum roll please.....)

The -=Secret=- Formula for "There can only be ONE!"

[Label A:]

   Pull back peering from adjacent competitors....

   Thus Forcing smaller competitors into Financial Difficulty .... 

  (Due to lack of peering, and an ever increasing Monkey...)
   Then, acquire them at Bankruptcy for Pennies on a Dollar....


  After acquisition,
    Pull back all -=their=- peering....

  Thus closing the loop.. 

If (Competitors != NULL)
   goto [Label A:];

  And finally, in the end, declare Bankruptcy yourself.

  Great Strategy!




  It worked for THEM!


Scott Weeks wrote:
> Vivien: Don't get me started on what C&W did to the Exodus backbone.
> OK, I won't EVEN get started on what C&W did to Digital Island... :( :( :(
> (five years of heart-n-soul gone)
> blitz: IF you got a job, be thankful.. this isn't over yet.
> randy: some of the motivation is large players very consciously trying
> randy: to squeeze out smaller or competitive players in the chaos of
> randy: all the other noise.
> <B><U> yes, yes, YES!!! </U></B>   dammit...
> scott
> ps. That's not html email. I use pine.