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Re: wcom overbilling

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sat Jul 06 19:37:59 2002

> I would just like to mention that while our Worldcom bills were *always*
> wrong, our UUnet bills have always been exactly correct.  My only hope is
> that when this mess settles down, UUnet is still maintained as a separate
> entity.

Ditto, on both points.  (1) When MIBH was a UUNT customer a few years back, I
had to scratch my head over the bills because their periodicity was bizarre,
but every payables audit we did showed that we owed exactly what they'd billed.
(2) It's possible that Rick would not recognize his old network any more, but
I do, and I very strongly hope that UUNT won't share WCOM's fate, if negative.
Paul Vixie