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Re: Stop it with putting your e-mail body in ATT attachments. Its annoying and no one can see your message

  • From: Majdi S. Abbas
  • Date: Wed Jul 10 00:52:52 2002

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 05:50:52PM -0500, John Palmer wrote:
> There is nothing wrong with MS Outlook express. You need to stem

	Surely you must be joking.

> your hostility towards Microsoft and recognize that they are the dominant
> desktop (something like 90%) and you need to get used to it and stop
> fighting.

	On NANOG?  Are you sure?

	So, I took the past three years of NANOG postings, and
grepped them for X-Mailer headers.  The sample consists of 
20634 postings since June 14th, 1999.

	Of these 20634, 10996 didn't have X-Mailer headers and
although some may have this information elsewhere, I'm not 
going to bother.

	Of the remaining 9638, there are 523 unique X-Mailer
references.  I disqualified 24 for being quoted, or random
X-Mailer discussion on NANOG.  (X-Mailer discussion seems
to be the ONLY thread that hasn't repeated itself in the 
last month.)

	The breakdown:

	Microsoft		38.71% (not even half the way to 90%)
	Mozilla			11.41%
	Eudora			10.86%
	ELM			6.63%
	exmh			5.25%
	Web Mail		5.20%
	Mutt			4.70%
	New MH			3.64%
	VM			2.36%
	Mulberry		1.90%
	Gnus			1.27%
	MH			0.96%

	If we include the postings with no X-Mailer in the sample, 
Microsoft drops to 18.08% of the total -- I'm not aware of any
M$ email product that didn't include an X-Mailer header.

	Of course, about the only thing you can conclude from this
is that people with no X-Mailer post more often than anyone else ;)

	Still, 18% is a far cry from 90%.  Care to try that