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Re: Stop it with putting your e-mail body in ATT attachments. Its annoying and no one can see your message

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Wed Jul 10 02:44:21 2002

On 07/09/02, "Majdi S. Abbas" <[email protected]> wrote: 

> > your hostility towards Microsoft and recognize that they are the dominant
> > desktop (something like 90%) and you need to get used to it and stop
> > fighting.
> 	On NANOG?  Are you sure?

	Even in its heyday, the NANOG list has always been pretty far 
	from being a representative sample of the Internet.  At this
	point I'd call it a stretch even to claim that NANOG posters 
	are a representative sample of current routing engineers.

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