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Re: Stop it with putting your e-mail body in ATT attachments.Its annoying and no one can see your message

  • From: Rob Pickering
  • Date: Wed Jul 10 04:11:33 2002

Mulberry is definitely worth a look for the setup you describe ( It's the only mailer I've tried that does IMAP, including off-line use, really well.

My largest folder right now is 8606 messages and it handles it fine (it does have a problem with *huge* text messages though).

--On 09 July 2002 18:05 -0600 Mike Lewinski <[email protected]> wrote:
"Adam McKenna" <[email protected]> wrote:
Apologies in advance for perpetuating this OT flame war.... Anyone
with MUA replacement suggestions not covered below, please send
them directly.

I have been searching for the last year to replace OE. Thus far, it
is the only IMAP client I have found which has these two critical

1) Does not crash attempting to load headers from an IMAP mailbox
+500MB in size / +2000 messages. I use server-side filters and
segregate mail based on date into subfolders by hand, but still
can't avoid this condition from happening occasionally (i.e. long
weekend) even with a lot of maintenance (and aggressive use of
RBLs). And this on a machine with 768MB of memory, it shouldn't be
a resources issue.... Ironically, the full version of Outlook
chokes just as bad as every other client I've tried, but OE has
proven itself a pinnacle of stability (I cannot recall the last
time it crashed).

2) Will display the unread count of every IMAP folder without manual
checking on my behalf. Due to the environment issues mentioned
above, the most important stuff has to be filtered server-side into
a sub-mailbox that is not deluged with spam and more mundane
matters. I don't care as much about the unread count of "Inbox" as
I do of "Trouble".

In short, I'm using OE because I need a functional IMAP client that
isn't crashing every time I sneeze. The short list that I have
tried includes:

- Netscape Messenger, vers. 4.7 - 6.x (both Windows and unix)
- Mozilla release 1 and prior
- Mutt, pine and kmail (on both linux and *BSD)
- Eudora latest release

It is the mail situation which has kept me tied to windows. Perhaps
I should just change my e-mail address....


P.S. Far be it from me to defend OE, but since at least Sept 1999-
the month I switched to IMAP and have archives to date it- I have
had exactly 0 virus infections. Perhaps it's because I read bugtraq
and patch religiously, or perhaps it's because I know better than
to load .bat/com/exe/pif/scr files received via e-mail. However, I
do not maintain anything in the address book, in the expectation
that one *will* eventually slip through.