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Notes on the Internet for Bell Heads

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Thu Jul 11 15:12:52 2002

Has anyone written the equivalent of the old Bell Systems Notes on the
Network for the Internet?  A couple of books come close, Hueston's ISP
Survival Guide and Cisco's ISP Essentials.  But there doesn't seem to
be anything that helps Bell heads understand what switching, routing
or signaling means on the Internet.  There are a lot of words which are
spelled alike, but mean very different things in the Bell world and the
Internet world.

I've been thinking of it like driving in England or the USA.  We drive
on different sides of the road.  Its safe until you get someone who
doesn't know the rules of the road driving on the other side of the
Atlantic.  So how do you explain the rules of the Internet road to someone
used to driving on the telephone system?