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Re: Sprint multicast route list

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Thu Jul 11 16:11:56 2002

As part of the status page ,

updated every 6 hours, is a full dump of all of our mbgp peering, including with Sprint. is a AS list derived from that dump.

Things mbgp have been pretty bad the last week or so - due to e-bone ? 20 or so AS have dropped off.

Marshall Eubanks

Pete Kruckenberg wrote:

I'm doing some analysis of who I might be able to reach via multicast through Sprint.

Sadly, route-views multicast peering with Sprint is not
working at the moment.

I'd appreciate if someone could email me the output from
"show ip mbgp neighbor <sprint peer> received-routes" or
"show ip mbgp" from a Sprint multicast BGP session.


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