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Re: Notes on the Internet for Bell Heads

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Thu Jul 11 20:38:29 2002

> I don't know which is scarier.  Lucent/Bell Labs trying to design
> the next generation Internet architecture, or Cisco trying to
> design the next generation DCN/SS7 architecture.

the contest is keen.  for a nice view of this insanity fueled by
greed, paranoia, greed, and oh greed, see the ieprep wg of the

> The public telephone network is still the largest network on the
> planet

yup, and it transports less.  is there a lesson about complexity in

> How do you explain Internet security to a telco engineer.  Or the
> concept that the Internet doesn't have a LERG, but somehow ISPs
> figure out how to get traffic from point A to point B.  Or the
> biggie, that stuff is expected to fail, so that's why you buy
> lots of simple, cheap ones instead of one big, expensive,
> never-fail box.

dave meyer has been trying in draft-ymbk-arch-guidelines-03.txt,
and will give a bit of a talk on this at ie-piggy on sunday.