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RE: No one behind the wheel at WorldCom

  • From: Frank Scalzo
  • Date: Sat Jul 13 21:23:10 2002

What vendor by default does not take action on no-export???

Certainly cisco and juniper both honor it by default. 

To get back to the original question of 63/9 being announced it can be entertaining to watch for other fishy routes to show up in the routing table, like 63/8. I know of at least one outage caused because someone advertised a route like that. The underlying problem, is that there are no good widely deployed solutions for controlling what the large backbones inject into the routing table at peering points. A large tier 1 deaggregates towards another bad things happen. It would be nice if there was a supportable way to only allow one isp to advertise appropriate routes to another. The IRR stuff is a neat idea but I dont think many ISPs trust it enough to use it to build ACLs.

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> I'm wondering how many folks out there choose not to honor this
> community and why.  If anyone on the list chooses not to I'd be
> interested to hear (either on-list or off) the reasonings behind it.

Please also respond if you weren't aware that you have to explicitly
implement the policy of honoring no-export - while the community vaue
is "well-known," the policy is not built-in.