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Re: QoS/CoS in the real world?

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Mon Jul 15 18:29:31 2002

> a) QoS mechanisms are for the local-tail. Backbones should have "enough" 
> bandwidth (and bandwidth is cheap).
> b) QoS was for customers with services like VoIP and VPN - and in most 
> cases they where needed becuase the end users refused to buy the bandwidth 
> they actually needed.
> c) The QoS implementations in the vendor boxes at best leaves a lot to 
> whish for and in most cases simply does not work (but to their credit they 
> where really helpful in working with us on this).

the ietf ieprep (emergency preparednes) wg is going to force you to put qos
in your backbone or not sell to the government(s) etc.  it i svery hard to
push simplicity to those making money by inflating fear.  you might be