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Re: Juniper security appnote + martians

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Wed Jul 24 11:56:20 2002

> Now, on to some of Juniper default martians:
> These prefixes seem to be based on
>  I'm
> curious what the reasoning is behind selecting these prefixes only.
> Also, given that these may be allocated in the future (per the draft)
> what are your thoughts on having these in Juniper's default config?
> Perhaps these would be good additions to a dynamic (up-to-date) bogon
> list instead of a static placement in JUNOS even though they can be
> overridden if necessary.
> Thoughts?
> -- steve

	These nets were the "boundary" networks that defined
	classful delegations. To round it out properly, one
	should include the following:
	<and the top end of the "D" space>

	with the advent of classless addressing (circa 1997)
	these "martian" spaces are vestigal. They can be assigned
	although it is unlikely that they will be placed into 
	active use until there is much more of the v4 space
	delegated.  The IANA draft is "retro" by including them
	as "special".  They aren't these days.