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Re: UUNET Routing issues

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Fri Oct 04 17:10:49 2002

>OK. I'll bite - is it feasible if you're a caspian engineer? ;)

Obviously, as most of the audience knows, its a function of the speed you want
to achieve, the number of flows you expect to be interested in and what you want
to do with the flows. Getting traffic split up in a few million flows and
the flow cache and associated state and doing lookups in the the cache is not
hard. Doing anything more clever than switching packets (like scheduling which
goes next) across a large dataset has been unachievable challenge so far.
(at least at price points people want to pay)

It would have to be an earlier hour to walk trough if a design which would
flow classification and CAM based scheduling would cut it, but Im afraid of the
contention killing the actual thing youre trying to achieve. (service