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RE: iBGP next hop and multi-access media

  • From: alex
  • Date: Mon Oct 07 14:43:58 2002

> > (a) defining your connected routes on all the routers that would be using
> > it.
> I've asked because I wanted to know if any routing protocol redistributes
> information about diretly connected multi-access networks.
> It seems pretty obvious to me that if you have a an ethernet segment with
> multiple routers on it that adding a secondary IP to each one is more
> complicated and error-prone than adding it to one and having a dynamic
> routing protocol notify the rest of the routers on the segment.

Wrong. It makes you think about "Why am I doing it"

> It also seems that the answer I was looking for, at least as far as iBGP
> is concerned, is no.  However rather than just saying, "no, BGP can't do
> this" many people have decided to brag about how smart they are because
> they don't ask questions about how BGP works.

Wrong again. They tend to RFTM first.