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Re: spam, what to do:)

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Wed Oct 09 18:41:12 2002

1. Make sure you have accurate billing information on them, a good
credit card, a phone number you've actually called them back on, that
sort of thing.

2. Make it clear you'll charge some clean-up fee for spamming billed
at $250/hour 4hr minimum.

the first item is most important, spammers thrive on anonymity
(actually, fraudulent identity), if they feel your procedures don't
allow them anonymity/fraud they'll go somewhere else.

On October 8, 2002 at 23:21 [email protected] (Scott Granados) wrote:
 > My question is this.  The company I work for has a no spam policy.  
 > Sometimes users do and of course we shut them off.  My own feelings asside 
 > its what is considered proper in the isp community so we do it with out 
 > question.  However, what is the best policy and procedure to prevent 
 > people from spamming in the first place and secondly if they do and get 
 > terminated fix the damage done.  I have no desire to support spam or 
 > enable spammers but there are bad users and sometimes they do.  Any 
 > positive advise on dealing with these guys above just turning them off 
 > would be helpful.