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RE: WP: Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever

  • From: Greg Pendergrass
  • Date: Wed Oct 23 10:34:22 2002

It's universally agreed that the articles have mostly been blown out of
proportion and dramatized, but that doesn't mean that attacks against the
root servers can't be successful. Future attacks will be stronger and more
organized. So how do we protect the root servers from future attack?

There has been a lot about what did not happen yesterday, but how about some
details about what did happen? Was it a ping flood, syn-flood, smurf, or
some combination of types? Were the zombie machines windows, linux, or both?
Some of the root servers were affected more than others, why? Was it that
there was more ddos traffic directed at them, or that they had less hardware
and network resources?

- Greg Pendergrass