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Re: Testing root server down code

  • From: Niels Bakker
  • Date: Wed Oct 23 17:54:44 2002

* [email protected] (Sean Donelan) [Wed 23 Oct 2002, 19:34 CEST]:
> The last time all the root servers were down was June 28 1985.  On June 29
> 1985 there was a flurry of messages about adding root server down code to
> the various DNS implementations of the day.  Apparently, some of the
> software had a poor response to all root servers being unreachable, and
> spun out of control.
> Has anyone tested modern DNS code (Microsoft and BIND to name two) for
> this condition recently?  I haven't, hence my question.

I'm certain that a lot of Linux users on dialups have their computers
boot up with an `all root servers unreachable' condition present, and
that the caching named's on their computers don't spin out of control.

To name but one scenario.


	-- Niels.

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