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US-Asia Peering

  • From: William B. Norton
  • Date: Thu Jan 02 19:04:01 2003

Hi all -

I understand that there is a real glut of AP transoceanic capacity, particularly on the Japan-US cable where twice as much capacity is idle as is in use. This has sent the price point down to historic levels, O($28K/mo for STM-1) or less than $200/Mbps for transport! This is approaching an attractive price point for long distance peering so, just for grins,...

Are there transport providers that can provide a price point around $100/Mbps for transport capacity from Tokyo to the U.S. (LAX/SJO) ?

What are the technical issue with extreme long distance (transoceanic) peering?

In particular, what are the issues interconnecting layer 2 switches across the ocean for the purposes of providing a global peering cloud using:
0) vanilla circuit transport to interconnect the switches
1) MPLS framed ethernet service to interconnect the switches
2) tunnelled transport over transit to interconnect the switches

Thanks in advance.